331 VT Rte 110, Chelsea, Vermont 05038 jallen@brookhaventlc.org 802 685.4458

Learning Center 🍎

The Brookhaven Learning Center is a Vermont approved Independent School with a therapeutic and family based educational curriculum for residential and day students.  Teachers utilize diverse teaching methods to present our curriculum and meet the goals of each child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Teachers are trained to consider the emotional state of each student and to tailor educational expectations and teaching strategies to each child’s level of functioning.

Each child belongs to a team, based on their academic and emotional needs.  Students are provided instruction in core academic areas Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies as well as Fine Arts, Wellness, activity based learning, computer education and social skills in a therapeutic milieu.

The education team includes the Executive Director of Brookhaven,  Special Education Coordinator, Special Educator,Residential Coordinator, Clinical Coordinator, Group Clinician, Team Leader, Classroom Teachers, and 1:1 Support Staff as needed.  Direct Care counselors from the residential program are also present each school day to provide behavioral and academic support to the students in and out of the classroom.

Our mission is to provide educational services to students with emotional / behavioral/ learning disabilities in a therapeutic milieu.  Our program offers each boy the opportunity to meet their individual needs and harness their own potential in a safe, nurturing learning community.

We offer a structured academic program that meets Vermont Framework of Standards while providing opportunities to practice social skills and group activities.  We collaborate with parents, families, guardians, sending schools and other agencies to provide support and wrap around services to benefit our students.

Our team philosophy is to encourage learning through experiential activities as well as supported academic learning.  We expect students to arrive each day ready to learn and take educational risks.  Our staff will support each student in their personal goals as well as the program structure.  We will model and encourage respect, honesty, accountability and cooperation to encourage positive self-image and peer interactions.

Psycho educational groups are provided daily for all students.  We design activities and discussion based on developmental level and social/emotional needs for each group, lead by a member of the clinical team.  This group is overseen by the Clinical Coordinator and is supported by the Direct Care Staff and teachers, as needed.

The activities and exercises in group are designed to encourage the pro-social skills that enhance feelings of well-being and positive self-esteem for our students.  All exercises are designed to stimulate the children to think creatively, expand their minds, explore their values and beliefs, and safely consider and practice change where change is needed for personal growth.

We offer a variety of topics that help to facilitate the development of these skills, including:

Anger Management                                      Values

Coping Skills                                                  Self Esteem and Self Discovery

Communication                                             Planning/Decision Making

Teamwork                                                      Stress Management

Emotions                                                        Trust

Leisure Awareness                                        Friendship/Social Skills

Manners                                                         Respect

Character Building                                        Divorce, Loss and Separation

PRISM – Program for Innovative Self-Management

For further information please contact our Special Education Coordinator, Rocky Spino.

Thank you for your interest in Brookhaven Treatment and Learning Center! Your contribution to Brookhaven can make a difference today and in the future for some of our challenged young people.

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