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Our Leadership Team ❤️

Angela Bisson, BS
TCI Coordinator

Angie came to Brookhaven in June 2006.   She attended the University of Maine at Farmington and completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation services. During her college education she received specializations in psychosocial rehabilitation services and addiction rehabilitation. She discovered residential care for youth when completing her college internship at Beckett residential home in Norwidgewock, Maine. The hands-on experience in a co-ed residential home serving youth who had experienced abuse and neglect solidified her career goals and aspirations to serve this population.     

Angie has enjoyed her time at Brookhaven and the vast amount of experiences it has provided her through her initial position as a direct care staff, to senior team leader, residential coordinator and eventually Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Coordinator and Administrator. Angie is passionate about TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention) and strives to provide optimal learning opportunities to the staff of Brookhaven by providing them TCI training with ongoing support and supervision. Angie also enjoys empowering the families of the boy’s of Brookhaven by providing TCI for families. Recently, Angie met a long-time goal by acquiring a Golden Retriever puppy with the intentions of utilizing him in animal assisted therapy. Charlie loves hikes, snuggling and spending time with the boys of Brookhaven. Angie looks forward to being a part of the ongoing development of animal assisted therapy here at Brookhaven.

Jessica Allen, AAS
Residential Coordinator

Jessica came to Brookhaven as the Residential Coordinator 7 years ago. With her vast experience in the mental health field, including residential settings, Jessica has brought a level of expertise and commitment like no other. Jessica’s passion for integrative  community wholeness has supported Brookhaven in development & programming. She especially enjoys helping our youth to identify their passions and their strengths and to develop them in a positive manner. Jessica can be found around campus facilitating the organization of activities, games, dog walks, and on campus events. When Jessica isn’t running around our campus she enjoys her own children’s events, as well as traveling the world.

Thank you for your interest in Brookhaven Treatment and Learning Center! Your contribution to Brookhaven can make a difference today and in the future for some of our challenged young people.

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