At Brookhaven, we provide a comprehensive array of wrap-around services to male youth ranging from 6 to 13 years of age. We provide educational, residential and clinical services to male youths who have both emotional and behavioral challenges.

Brookhaven Treatment and Learning Center generally considers the following criteria when assessing the appropriateness of admissions. Family Participation is encouraged and welcomed during a child’s treatment.

Admission Criteria

Male youths between the ages of
6 and 13 years of age

Diagnosed with an emotional and or behavioral disorder that requires supervision and active treatment on a 24 hour basis in order to attain a level of functioning that allows for subsequent treatment in a less restrictive setting

In need of intensive specialized treatment over and above what is offered in an outpatient setting

The need for a continuous therapeutic milieu or management that provides significant and desirable changes in behavior, or prevents further deterioration of diagnosable condition.

If interested in a possible admission to the residential program, please contact our Clinical Coordinator, Abigail Jarvis.

If interested in a possible admission to the Learning Center please contact Rocky Spino.