Residential Services 🏡

There are times when the successful treatment of a child’s difficulties require a specialized 24 hour therapeutic treatment environment.

A key component of the overall Brookhaven Residential Program is the Brookhaven Therapeutic Milieu. Our residential program is a 24-hour therapeutic environment with shifts of 3 – 4 Residential Counselors providing consistent supervision and support to the boys throughout the day.

Counselors are carefully screened and recruited for their ability to foster a safe supportive therapeutic milieu and are well versed in behavior management, de-escalation, and crisis management techniques.

Counselors support residents daily in achieving their individualized behavioral goals. Ongoing behavioral assessments are an important part of each day. Boys are able to earn various privileges based on their behaviors, classroom scores and achievement of treatment goals.

Our Residential Counselors consistently utilize positive, proactive interventions to assist our residents in developing coping skills, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, self-reflection and mindfulness. This promotes safety, consistency, and structure within the milieu.

Our extensive 122 acre campus offers endless opportunities for our Residential Counselors to engage the boys in athletic and recreational activities like basketball, hiking, swimming, bike riding, volleyball, and playing four-square.

Our support staff also includes administrative, office, clinical services, awake night security, food services, maintenance and housekeeping.

For further information please contact our Residential Coordinator, Jessica Allen.